We decided to try to climb Chirripo and we started at around 5 am on the 23rd of July.  

There was lot of vegetation and shadow for the first couple of hours, but soon the climate and vegetation changed and it was obvious that there have been a lot of big fires in the area





But even in the most dry places there is a little life...




It was a hard walk but as soon you can see the top its much easier


 We slept from 2 pm to around 2 am when we started the last part in the dark. Fortunately the moon gave some light, but anyway we climbed the wrong top at first!



First we climbed Terbi (3760 meter over sea level, at 4 am) went down to the valley and then we climbed Chirripo (3820 at 7.30am). Because of our mistake we didn't climb the right top at sunrise. 

But we made it!




The view from the top


From here it was just down down down until 5 pm when we arrived back in town after two days of climbing up and down for around 40 km!