Morten is preparing for our trip to Costa Rica with some reading in our room






And Marianne is doing the last preparations






 So now we are ready...


This is how much we thought we needed for 7 weeks in Costa Rica. On the 21st of June we left Denmark with a plane 7.45 am.





After travelling for approximate 24 hours, we felt at home when we arrived at Andreas apartment in Desamparados. This is Marianne in front of the first (of two) gates,  Andreas place is to the left.






And here she is...Andrea - always smiling and trying to keep up with our mess






This is one of our most visited places in San Jose. As you can see McD has come to San Jose (and so has Burger King!)


After a couple of days in San Jose, we took a trip on our one to Lankester Gardens - where we enjoyed the flowers...








On a day-trip with Andrea and one of her friends we went to see the amazing Poas, and on the way we enjoyed among other things this waterfall





 This is Poas and 




 here from the left its Andrea, Giovani and Marianne