Monteverde is a big forest-area in the middle of CR.

We did walk around for a day but the temperature is perfect and the view is fine. 

One of the most amazing things in Monteverde is the sky-walk where, as you can see in the picture, you walk around in the tree tops


 It was a little rainy where we where   doing the sky-walk, but the feeling is amazing. Unfortunately we didn't see more than one orchid but we saw a monkey and its little baby and of course some birds. 

And this is how you should look in a forest area like Monteverde.. 



 This is a killer tree... It starts as a not which is placed in the treetop by a bird, and from there it starts growing downwards, until the old tree is dying 









Something created by nature...  


One of the fastest and smallest birds. They feed hummingbirds at the entrance to the national park- but this picture doesn't give the slightest idea how beautiful and amazing they are


And us enjoying life :)