Costa Rica is more than nature - it is stunning heat, lots of sun and guidebooks that don't tell what we want them to. This Picture is from Puntarenas, where we spend a lot of time trying to find the right ferry to Peninsula de Nicoya.





But we found our way to Montezuma, where we spend almost a week



This kind of crabs is the most colourful that I have ever seen, black on top, red legs, two purple "hands" and two yellow spots on top which looks like eyes.

 After Montezuma we succeeded in going to Nosara. It took about 1½ day going around 35 km north, but then we found a nice quite place to stay. 










And there was a nice sunset while waiting for our Pizza at Freddy's

After Nosara we went to Upala to see the river - it should have had a strange colour, but it was all normal because it had been raining to much, so we hurried on to Arenal


 While we were waiting for the clouds to disappear around the Arenal volcano we rented two mountain bikes and biked to this very impressing waterfall. But suddenly the bike took over the control...











We went to see another of David's friends Lizzy who at the time worked in a hotel in Drake Bay.


It was a quite expensive place, but we had the beaches to ourself except for the monkeys who were less effected than Marianne was...